Pris pr. opkald

Hvad er prisen pr. opkald?

Prisen pr. opkald er en vigtig key performance indicator (KPI), der måler mængden af ​​penge, der kræves for at håndtere et enkelt opkald. Det angiver effektiviteten af din call center-drift. Det er en væsentlig call center-metrik, der er knyttet til niveauet af kundeservicetilfredshed.

Selvom KPI’en for pris pr. opkald giver indsigt i virkning og omkostningseffektivitet af ​​dit kontaktcenter, sporer den ikke nødvendigvis din medarbejders præstation og derfor bør den ikke bruges som primær feedback til agenter.

At have et for højt resultat betyder, at hvert opkald en kundeplejerepræsentant foretager belaster dit budget og er muligvis ikke er bæredygtig på lang sigt. Men billigere er ikke altid bedre. Du skal finde den mest omkostningseffektive løsning til din virksomhed.

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Hvordan beregner man prisen pr. opkald?

En generel formel til måling af pris pr. opkald-metrik i indgående call centre er som følger:

Pris pr. opkald = Samlet pris for alle opkald / Samlet antal opkald

Udgående opkald er dog lidt anderledes. Ikke enhver kundeinteraktion i et udgående callcenter fører til en konvertering.

Derfor er der en mere passende formel for de udgående callcentre:

Pris pr. opkald = Samlede driftsomkostninger / Antal salg eller kundeemner

Du kan beregne din pris pr. opkald ved hjælp af en af ​​disse formler for forskellige perioder (ugentlig, månedlig, kvartalsvis osv.)

Det er ret svært at opsummere denne metrik i en simpel formel. Der er så meget i de sande omkostninger ved at drive et callcenter. Du skal tage højde for udgifter som medarbejderløn, fordele, agentlicensgebyrer, hardwareudgifter, softwareabonnementer, husleje, forsyninger og mange andre diverse omkostninger.

Hvordan reducerer man prisen pr. opkald?

Du kan foretage forskellige justeringer af dit call centers drift for at reducere omkostningerne pr. opkald. Dette bør dog aldrig være på bekostning af kvaliteten af ​​din service eller kundetilfredshed.

Nedenfor er nogle faktorer, der kan hjælpe med at reducere omkostningerne til dit callcenter pr. opkald:

  • integrated call center software – Having reliable call center software that allows you to streamline the call center processes is a necessity these days. For example, you can use LiveAgent call center software that allows you to provide the best customer service to your clients while being accessible and budget-friendly.
  • adoption of cloud services – With the higher load of data, affordable cloud-based services have become a standard. You will not have to allocate a huge part of your resources just to data storage. Cloud-based services take care of this for you for a monthly fee.
  • improved first contact resolution rate – There can be significant costs associated with clients who need to call you back multiple times. Therefore, being able to resolve your customers’ issues upon the first contact can help you reduce your handle times and cost per call. You can improve the first contact resolution by providing sufficient training to your staff to increase the agent expertise, providing an accessible internal knowledge base, etc.
  • VoIP telephony – Using the Voice over Internet Protocol telephony system can effectively decrease the costs of your call center operations. Traditional phone systems require a lot of hardware that needs to be purchased and maintained. This means a lot of additional costs for you. That is not the case with VoIP. All you need is a reliable and high-speed Internet connection and a VoIP service provider. Furthermore, you can save on the office space rent as VoIP allows remote call center agents to do their job from anywhere in the world where they have an Internet connection.
  • callback feature – It allows the customer to decide whether they would like to receive a call from you once a customer center representative is available. This helps reduce holding times to a minimum.
  • skill-based routing – It connects the callers with an agent or a department based on predefined rules. These could be agent availability, history of client interactions, spoken language, etc.
  • effective scheduling – Scheduling events in advance allows your staff to better manage their time. Having a clear schedule of agent shifts, meetings, vacation days, etc. can greatly improve agents’ productivity.
  • self-service options – Give your customers an option to resolve their issues without the need to contact a customer care agent. It not only gives your clients confidence and empowers them, but also lifts the load off your agents’ shoulders.
  • automation – Employ AI in your call center operations to deal with mundane and repetitive tasks. This will give your agents time to focus on more demanding issues.
  • analytics – Study analytics and track your reports to gain further insights into your call center operations.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the cost per call useful?

It is an important part of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that allows you to measure the performance and efficiency of your call center. Cost per call provides an insight into the amount of money you spend on each call. Therefore, it allows you to allocate your resources according to your business goals.

How to calculate the cost per call?

There are two basic formulas you can use. One is more suitable for inbound call centers: Cost per call = Total cost of all calls / Total number of calls And one is more suitable for outbound call centers: Cost per call = Total operational costs / Number of sales or leads It is also important that you keep track of other metrics like average handle time (AHT), cost per contact, etc. Monitoring various metrics provides you with greater insight and allows you to make better-informed decisions.

What is the average cost per call?

The industry standard is that the cost per call can range between $2.70 – $5.60. However, it greatly depends on the type of business you have. E-commerce businesses will have a different average cost per call than, for example, complex IT delivery businesses.

How to reduce the cost per call?

There are many ways to do this and you need to mix and match the ones that suit your business best. Some of them include using integrated call center software (like LiveAgent), adopting cloud-based services, improving other KPIs, using VoIP telephony, automation, and studying analytics, just to name a few.

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