IT billetteringssystem

Hvad er et IT billetteringssystem?

IT billetteringssystem er en del af en helpdesk, der gør det nemmere for dine kunder at få hjælp og for dine agenter for at levere et hurtigt svar. Når kunder kan sende dig en e-mail, chatte med dine agenter via live chat eller oprette forbindelse til din virksomhed via en anden kanal – gemmes al kommunikation i billetter. IT billetteringssystem administrerer alle billetter, så det hjælper dit kundeservicepersonale med at forblive organiseret og effektive. Der er endda gratis billetsoftware, som du kan prøve for selv at opleve fordelene. Alt i alt kan supportbilletsoftware forbedre dine kundeservicemuligheder ud over, hvad du forventer.

LiveAgent's IT ticketing

Frequently asked questions

What is an IT ticketing system?

It is a ticketing software for IT support that enables organizations to resolve their internal IT support queries by managing and streamlining the problem resolution process. Agents handle individual elements called tickets, which allow you to find out about the problem that the user is facing.


How does an IT ticketing system work?

The IT ticketing system works by creating a ticket that records your support or service request interactions. The agent has access to the ticket and thus has access to communication in one continuous thread. This way, if an agent or client wants to bring up something that has appeared a few threads before, they can do so without any problem. It also helps to get back to the story in an easy way.


How does the IT ticketing system look in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent's IT ticketing system is available in one panel just like the other tools offered by LiveAgent. Thanks to this, you have access to a universal inbox, inquiries are grouped into tickets, you can easily check the contact history of a given customer and reports that allow you to analyze the activities so far.


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