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Use attributes in format region_from and region_to= to change the languages showing in language switcher.
Available regions are:
europe_from europe_to
asia_from asia_to
mideast_from mideast_to
america_from america_to

europe_from=0 europe_to=22 will put all languages (ordered in language switcher settings) from 1 to 21 to Europe region:
asia_from=22 asia_to=25 will put all languages from 23 to 24 (so only 2) into Asia region.

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Ticketing benchmarks

Ticketing software is also an asset because it can help you reach customer service benchmarks set by industry leaders. These benchmarks can include average resolution time, customer satisfaction score, net promoter score, average handling time, and other common metrics.

Even though each customer service benchmark is different in each vertical, they’re still good indicators of the service you should be providing.

In general, help desk customer satisfaction statistics indicate that satisfaction is pretty high, with a global customer satisfaction score of 86%. In addition, the average customer effort score is 5.5, and the global average net promoter score is +32. Last but not least, the average agent rating is 9.5 out of 10. These satisfaction scores result from high overall resolution and first contact resolution rates at 95% and 74%, respectively. Help desk customer satisfaction is also reflected through high retention rates, typically ranging from 60-85%. However, remember that despite these high satisfaction rates, 1 in 3 customers won’t hesitate to churn from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

To keep customers satisfied, businesses should stick to schedules and handle tickets quickly and efficiently. According to our research, the benchmark for schedule adherence is 95%. During this time (a standard 8-hour shift), support agents resolve 40 tickets, use an average of 3 different systems to get the information they need, and take about 15 minutes to wrap up any post-resolution tasks. Agents may also spend some time transferring tickets to other agents. Customer service benchmarks indicate that the average ticket transfer rate is around 0.5 for companies with a solid help desk system and 1-2 for companies without such systems in place.

In addition to that, agents take time to resolve the tickets at hand. However, this time varies as each industry has a different average handling time for tickets. For example, the average handling time is 525 seconds for telecommunications, 324 seconds for retail, 282 seconds for business and IT, and 282 seconds for financial services. 

The average ticketing system nets 578 tickets per day, 3,991 per week, and 17,630 per month, equating to over 6,594 working hours. However, not all tickets that land in the system can be resolved. The ratio of opened vs. solved tickets is 2:1. The unresolved tickets contain things like outreach email, spam, promotion, and different irrelevant requests. Moreover, about 10% of help desk tickets are abandoned by the customers that submitted them.

The average company has ten customer support agents and ten customer service departments such as sales, IT, marketing, legal, and billing in terms of workforce. If the help desk is operating on a 24/7 basis, it takes them about 2 hours to respond to a ticket, and if they offer support during regular business hours, it can take up to 24 hours. However, the average speed of answer for open tickets is way slower, averaging at 20.5 hours. In terms of calling and chatting, it takes an average of 10 seconds to reach a live agent. 


The average time it takes to reach a live agent is

10 sec.



Support agents use an average of


systems to support customers.


research 5 3systems


The average speed of answer for open tickets is

20.5 hr


research 14 205hr


Post-resolution wrap-up work takes

15 minutes on average


research 14 15minutes


The average global CSAT benchmark that includes all industries is



research 14 86percent


The average ticket transfer rate is around


for companies with a solid help desk system and 1-2 for companies without a help desk.


research 14 05


The average customer effort score is




The global average net promoter score (NPS) is




It takes about two hours to respond to a ticket if


assistance is provided and 24 hours if there’s an eight-hour support window. 


research 14 24 7


The overall help desk resolution rate is around



research 14 95percent


The average net FCR for service desks worldwide is about


Metric Net

research 14 74percent


1 in 3

customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience.


research 14 1in3


The help desk customer retention rate varies by industry but is typically

to 85%


research 14 60to85


The average handling time

525 seconds

for telecommunications

324 seconds

for retail

282 seconds

for business and IT

282 seconds

for financial services



Ticketing agent schedule adherence is around




Ticketing systems net


578 tickets per day


3,991 per week


17,630 per month




The abandonment rate for help desk tickets is around



research 14 10percent


An agent typically solves around

40 tickets

per shift.


research 14 40tickets


The total help desk ticket volume by working hours is


30 days


The average in-signature happiness rating is



research 14 95from10


The ratio of the number of tickets

open vs. solved

is around 2:1.


research 14 open vs solved


The average number of departments per account is




The average number of reps per company is


30 days

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